Labor Day Weekend Special at Jewel-Osco: Buy two get one free (8/30-9/5/23)


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"I love that I can literally taste the fresh vegetables and the variety from mild to medium the whole family can enjoy it, adding it with chips, eggs or even in your chicken soup. Very excited that I can find it at Jewels/Osco. To love it is to taste it! Highly recommend it for any occasion."
Maribel I.
"I tried this salsa for the first time at the Woodstock Farmers Market. It was fantastic!! Great flavors, unlike most salsa, you can actually taste the fresh ingredients. The cilantro, the onion, the tomato. The hot is the one I chose, you get the heat but it isn't overpowering the flavor. Just delicious. I'll be back to get more."
Dione Z.
"The salsa is amazing and Martin is such a great friendly guy my whole family loves his salsa and am happy to see him succeed in his journey!!"
Angela H.
"Very fresh and delicious. Will go great with any type of meal and if your not into spicy he has mild so I recommend you try it!"
Anita H.
"Picked up a tub in Kenosha and we loved it. Another tub of Medium was picked up at Grayslake Farmers Market this week. It will not make it through the weekend. Medium is just right!"
John D.
"We tried this 'Salsa King of Chicago'. Fantastic. It has the same quality of a salsa you might find in a great taco joint. Tastes incredibly fresh. We nearly finished the container. "
Anita H.

Labor Day
Weekend Special at

Buy two get one free (8/30-9/5/23)