Labor Day Weekend Special at Jewel-Osco: Buy two get one free (8/30-9/5/23)

Our Story

As long as my brothers and I can remember…. Our mother ALWAYS made FRESH salsa for us, our family and friends. We’ve been making our scratch salsa for over 50+ years and have been told by so many, “it’s the best salsa ever” by everyone who has tried it.

So, my brothers and I all made a derivative of my mother’s recipe with hers as our foundation.

Fast forward to 2018, I was making salsa in the kitchen at work in my downtown office for 50+ people.

My coworkers told me I had to mass produce my salsa and get it into stores. As a joke I said…If I ever do, I’m going to call myself the Salsa King of Chicago.

I sent my recipe to everyone who wanted it, but people were too lazy to make it or failed to recreate how I crafted my recipe.

In 2020 Covid happened, and I had this idea to package a DIY (Do It Yourself) salsa kit to eliminate the excuse of not shopping, chopping, washing and following my recipe.

In 2021 I opened a company to start selling these DIY salsa kits in Farmers Markets.

We made these DIY kits in a commercial kitchen in Wauconda, IL with 4 heat temperatures.

Mild, Medium, Hot and Very Hot casting a wide net to catch everyone’s heat palate.

We had an unbelievable response to tasting our salsa at our booth and the experience of our clients had making our salsa in their kitchen. 

At the end of the summer in 2021 we started making the salsa and selling with chips at breweries and local fests.

Later that month we took our salsa to Fresh Thyme Market in Crystal Lake, IL and they immediately wanted to bring it into their store.

Soon all the Fresh Thyme stores in Chicagoland wanted us to deliver to their stores.

A high school friend who works for a food broker saw our Facebook post of being in Fresh Thyme. We made an appointment to pitch our salsa to the food broker.

He took it to Jewel that day and Jewel wanted our salsa that night.

Fifteen months after selling our first kit, because people didn’t follow my recipe to make salsa, we were in over 300 stores in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana.

Labor Day
Weekend Special at

Buy two get one free (8/30-9/5/23)